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Le Petit Pont (12" x 9.25")

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This original watercolor of the beautiful Petit Pont next to Notre Dame.  We love how expertly the painter shows the reflections of Notre Dame on the water – a few masterful strokes and you feel you’re standing on the quai, watching the Seine glitter.  The twin towers of Notre Dame stand beautifully behind; we love the skill of the painter who can make them come to life with a few simple strokes.  In classic post-impressionist style, this painting is an original dating from the early 1900’s.

We have carefully double matted it in pale white – it only needs to slip into a frame. Carefully double matted with a generous border which shows off the painting to their fullest.

Size: 12" x 9.25"
Matt: 18" x 14"

Condition: some subtle marks on the painting. Overall very good condition.