What Makes The Quality of Paris Perfect Sheets so … Perfect?

There are several important features to consider when shopping for high quality sheets.

Watch Maddy explain what makes these sheets the best you can buy. 
We only use long staple cotton. You may not have heard this phrase before, but remember it because it really matters. Our sheets are made from long staple cotton, similar to Egyptian cotton. Long staple cotton is more expensive and takes longer to grow.  But the end result is 100% worth it. The result is long fibers, strong enough to be spun into single long thread (see about single ply below). Our sheets are percale. Percale wears longer. The end result is softer and stronger sheets than short staple cotton sheets. 
Short staple cotton:  Watch out: If you've seen ads 'luxury' sheets that don't state that they are made from long staple cotton, walk away. If it doesn't state long staple cotton it means the manufacturer doesn't want to tell you they've saved alot of money and bought short staple cotton.  You'll find the fabric starts to pill and become rough after a few washings -- and they will not last as long as long staple cotton sheets.

Single-Ply vs 2-and 3-Ply
Our sheets are single-ply cotton which makes the fabric richer and more sumptuous.  This is the second important thing to look for when you’re buying sheets.  Single-ply cotton can only be made from long staple cotton, meaning it can be woven as one single thread.  2-ply and 3-ply cotton means short threads must be twisted together to create the thread, making it weaker, not stronger. Those multiple little threads are the reason 2-ply and 3-ply cotton sheets pill after a few washes. 
    Single ply cotton is the best
      Our sheets are 400 thread count. The real facts about thread count is that if you use single-ply long cotton, the best sheets can be 300+ in terms of thread count. Honest thread count is important, but it has been misused in recent years. When you see ads for 650, 800 and 1,000 thread count – it’s a fake measurement. Clever manufacturers, in an effort to promote their cheaper short fiber cotton sheets, decided to multiply the actual thread count by the number of plys -- either 2-or 3-ply.  So a cheap 100 thread count sheet is multiplied by 3-ply to achieve 300 thread count.  This is false advertising; in fact when you see really high counts, such as 800, 1,000 or more, walk away. With 400 thread count single ply long staple cotton – you’re getting the very best quality. 

      How to Care for Our Luxury Sheets

      Many customers have asked for tips on the best way to wash their Paris Perfect sheets so they remain soft and last for many years to come.
      First and foremost, for any luxury, 100% cotton sheets, we advise against using fabric softeners or fabric sheets, even in the drying cycle.  The reason is they coat the cotton fibers which reduces the wonderful breathability and absorbency that cotton is famous for.
      Because our sheets are 100% long staple cotton, that is the feature you will love as they soften and last for years to come.
      The best advice to keep your sheets soft is to machine wash in warm water with regular detergent and 1 cup of baking soda. Works like a charm!
      That’s usually all you need to have soft, absorbent cotton sheets.  But if you want to try something extra, add ½ C vinegar to the rinse cycle.  Softens and cleans even more.
      Why Paris Perfect sheets are longer and wider than almost any other brand?
      Simple!  It drove us crazy to buy sheets that were just barely long and wide enough – and that was before many of us added memory-foam toppers to our beds. 
      Manufacturers save money by restricting the length and width to the minimum, but it’s what makes the difference between luxury and lower quality sheets.
      Toppers are wonderful, but they post a permanent problem for most sheets – they need wider fitted sheets and longer/wider flat sheets. Yes, we deliberately designed longer and wider than other sheets, so we could really tuck them in and not have them pull out every single night.
      We hope you enjoy them for many years to come!
      Designed in Paris.