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La Place Vendome (9" x 12")

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The iconic Place Vendome remains one of the most beautiful squares in Paris. This original watercolor painted in the late 1940’s so perfectly expresses the joy of Paris coming back to life after World War II. It’s a recovery and tine of growth and life.  Beautifully structured around Napoleon’s column in the center, you this skilled painting allows you to feel the movement of people and cars gaily walking – and in beautiful accents of bright red and yellow coats.  The luxury sedans in blue and pale brown stage this scene, while Haussmanian buildings are reflected in the background under beautiful Paris skies.  People bustle to their destinations, to shop at the luxury jewelry stores here or dine at The Ritz.  The painter expresses the movement of the sun lengthening towards the late afternoon in the front rate, with excellent contrast of the yellow/orange ground against the shadows. An excellent post impressionist original.

We have carefully double matted it in pale white – it only needs to slip into a frame. Carefully double matted with a generous border which shows off the painting to their fullest.

Size: 16" x 12.5"
Matt: 24" x 18"

Condition: some subtle marks on the painting. Overall very good condition.