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SOLD: Autumn in Paris - Notre Dame

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Beautiful impressionist watercolor of Notre Dame on a Fall Day in Paris 

A beautifully rendered scene in Paris on an early Fall day, lazy and peaceful.  The colors are subtle and soft, which make it easy to blend with other paintings. The detail is incredible.

Your eye is drawn to the river a lazy scene with Notre Dame soaring above it.  A boat sails by while two fisherman sit on the quai, talking and fishing.  Dating from 1944, this is a piece of French history: one year before the end of World War II:  a Hope for Peace. Excellent technique in the impressionist spirit.  

Beautiful and subtle colors:  the mustard yellow and burnt orange in the tops of trees still green along their bases  -- early Autumn in Paris.  Beautiful blue skies, and pale blue reflections on the water mix well with the contrasting grays that define and give depth to the arches of Notre Dame.