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Les Jardins de Paris (12" x 9.25")

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One of our favorite post impressionist paintings which starts with gray weather gathering in the sky – the feel of movement in this moment.  It’s Autumn in Paris, and the artist has captured a beautiful palette of rusts, browns and pale beiges.   Your eyes move to the Palais by a series of trees in Autumn colors.  The Palais appears in soft, hazy gray/blues in the distance – what a scene.  In the forefront, couples and families are walking, enjoying a beautiful day. They add such rich accents of reds, blues and browns. Painted in the 1940’s, after World War II, this is such a touching and beautiful post impressionist painting.

We have carefully double matted it in pale white – it only needs to slip into a frame. Carefully double matted with a generous border which shows off the painting to their fullest.

Size: 12" x 9.25"
Matt: 18" x 14"

Condition: some subtle marks on the painting. Overall very good condition.