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SOLD: Chateau de Rambouillet (8.5"x12.75")

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The Chateau of Rambouillet is the country residence of the French presidents. Beautiful work that symbolizes the spirit of France in the 1800's. As the French 'Camp David' many foreign dignitaries have visited here -- from hunting parties with Kings  in the 1800's to relaxed weekends between heads of state today. What's astonishing about this painting is the incredible detail. Look closely at the groups of people on the lawn, a family picnicking, others enjoying the sunshine.... the details of the flats and the leaves on the trees. The quality of painting is superb; master skill throughout - perspective, detail, beautiful use of color blending together - clearly a master painter.

Unframed Size: 8.5"x12.75"

Framed Size: 13.75"x18.25"

Condition: some subtle marks on the painting. Overall very good condition.